Restoring the Trust for All Generations

Principles for Saving and Strengthening America's Health, Retirement, and Economic Security Programs

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Washington, July 14, 2015 | comments
Since the turn of the twentieth century, Americans have made commitments to one another within and across generations. These included maintaining a sturdy safety net for those in distress; providing health and income security for those in retirement; supporting families by expanding opportunities for homeownership, a college education, and the many other pursuits available in a prosperous nation; and leaving the next generation better off, with a robust and growing economy. These commitments supported a distinctly American aspiration: to foster a Nation where the greatest number have the greatest opportunity to reach the greatest success achievable in a fair and compassionate way – where the greatest number of American dreams may be realized. Regrettably, though, the government programs developed over the past eight decades to meet these worthy aims are now failing the very people they were intended to serve. 

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